Member Network of Expertise

Mentoring Process

If you want to organize an alumni band …

Whether there has never been an alumni band organization or you have been informally together for many years, the list of advantages is long for having an active organization. We can help You get started! Send us your contact information to start the Mentoring Process. The NAoAB includes member organizations from every type of college/university and every level of experience.
If you are interested in organizing your own alumni marching band and would like guidance to get started:
Select this link to enter your contact info – Start the Mentoring Process Here

Consult Process

If you have an active alumni band and are looking for ideas in specific target areas …

For our Member organizations, our expanding network of experiences could offer answers to your latest priority questions. Your changing volunteer Board will have new priorities every year. The NAoAB member network has the experience to help speed your success. A phone or web appointment can offer advice that will jumpstart implementations and avoid roadblocks.
1. To set up a conference or virtual call with others who have experience on a specific alumni band topic:
Select this link to enter your contact information and start the process – Schedule an Appointment Here
2. To add your name to list of those with experience on a specific alumni band topic:
Select this link to add your name – Offer Your Expertise Here

Partial List of Topics For Phone or Virtual Consults
Updating organizational bylaws
starting capital campaigns
raising scholarships
endowing funds for projects
attracting recent graduates
planning for the unexpected
planning a reunion
recruiting leadership
finding reliable vendors
and how to get started.

Send any questions to