Our Vision

At the conclusion of the National Alumni Athletic Bands Symposium in Austin, Texas on May 30, 2018, a floor proposal was made by Geof Sloan, Longhorn Alumni Band President-Elect, to form an association of alumni bands. History was made as all attendees agreed in principle and unanimous vote to form the National Association of Alumni Bands (NAoAB ) as charter founding members to be the architects in creation and development of the NAoAB.

The Founding Organization

Why your alumni organization should be part of this organization:

  • Networking and Access – Develop your alumni Band peer connections to solve issues, develop strategies and anticipate problems.
  • Membership Listing and Online Community – Get a jump on analyzing issues and setting successful strategies and actions.
  • Best Practices – Access to nationally known successful programs to offer the fastest path to successful campaigns.
  • Advocacy – Share the statistics gathered by the NAoAB, to truly know where you stand on an issue.
  • Resource Library – Gain the competitive edge on issues presented at the 3 previous comprehensive Symposiums. Proactively survey other alumni bands that are experiencing similar issues that can hinder success.
  • Involvement – Experience ongoing opportunities to meet new people, develop professional skills and make game-changing contributions to the association.