Before you join:

Review NAoAB Launch Materials

For your Board Meeting: Motion to join NAoAB

  • Benefits are listed in the 2-page flyer above
  • Make a motion to join the NAoAB as an active member
  • Include the NAoAB annual dies in your board motion
  • Designate the initial contacts for your organization
  • Available: Invoice for payment

After you have joined:

Distribute the press release to your organization regarding NAoAB membership

  • Draft of a press release will be sent to you
  • Revise the press release and distribute to your channels
  • Advise your regional officer so we can leverage your placement

Add the NAoAB logo on your website

  • A member logo will be sent to you for use on your website
  • Crosslink the logo to the NAoAB website at
  • Send us your logo and reunion photo for the NAoAB website

Contribute success stories of your experiences

  • Ask your board members, officers and passionate alumni to complete a success story (fill-in-the-blank format)

Get Involved

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