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President – Recruiting Recent Graduates, Leadership Pipeline, Technology (email, web site), building a leadership pipeline, priorities for Nominating Committee, bylaws

President Elect / Vice President – Building a strategic plan, building a Leadership Pipeline, priorities for Nominating Committee, bylaws, insurance, Robert’s Rules

Treasurer – Software options, tracking encumbered funds, reporting, not-for-profit requirements

Secretary – Historic business records, tracking progress, what is too much detail, tracking active members

Fundraising / Ways and Means – New ideas, projects vs capital planning, reporting to your donors, payment options, not-for-profit reporting

Registered Agent / Parliamentarian – Robert’s Rules, not-for-profit restrictions, Federal reporting, state reporting, bylaws

Homecoming / Reunion – Planning, traditions, software, name tags, payment options, donation awareness, non-performing option, music distribution, food, game tickets

Communications/Newsletters – Staying on touch with alumni, handling opt outs, reporting, satisfying Board requests, customization, database vs email addresses, technology training, scheduling, display emails in web site

Social Media – Calendar plan, more than asking for money, linking the current and alumni band, closed vs public presence, current band and alumni updates

Technology / Web site – Technology options, galleries, training, security, payments, technology training

Historian – History Hall, trivia, traditions, galleries, video and photos, interviews of earliest class graduates

Trustees – Insurance, strategic planning, bylaws, federal reporting, state reporting

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