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Geof Sloan

Geof Sloan, NAoAB President, helped conceive the formation of the National Association of Alumni Bands in 2018 at the symposium held in Austin, and since June 2019, he has chaired the organizing committee through the process of writing the bylaws and governing documents that created the organization. His vision with NAoAB is to help alumni bands at all the major collegiate programs grow or help those who want to start their alumni bands. His goal is to increase the visibility of alumni bands across the nation supported through the efforts of the association member bands and for NAoAB to be the indispensable advocate for alumni bands. 

Geof is currently serving in the University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band (LHAB) as the Past-President and previously served as the Vice President of Communications. He attended both UT-Austin and University of Mississippi where he performed in the percussion sections and played drum-set in both school’s jazz programs. In 2019, he served as President of the Longhorn Alumni Band when LHAB attended the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France, and lead 535 alumni and family members on a week-long adventure honoring the WWII veterans of the allied landing liberating France from German forces in 1944. Geof regularly performs with various small ensembles in Austin and Central Texas, as well as local community bands and symphonies. His website is: 

Geof is a people-oriented executive with proven experience in leadership, media and communications, business development, and client experience, combining a unique career in real estate, media technology and quick-service restaurants. His career has been working in client experience, product development, organizational management, and people development. He has a diverse and eclectic background in operations, communications, digital marketing, brand management and business development and focus on building strong relationships and connecting people. 

Geof’s day job is consulting with clients in Central Texas on real estate transactions. He is very humbled, honored, and excited to serve as the inaugural NAoAB President.