Leigh Tompros photo
Leigh Tompros, Southern Regional Officer

Leigh White Tompros is a member of the Redcoat Band Alumni Association (RBAA), where she has served as Homecoming Chairman, Secretary, Ways and Means, and President. As Past President, her participation in Board meetings, Homecoming, and Ways and Means has continued.

Over the years, Leigh has headed up various fundraising events for her Alumni Band, (Golf Tournament and Brick Walkway). These events came with different twists and turns along the way. Some great, some not so great! But all were learning experiences that have helped Leigh as she has moved on to other activities within the organization.

After stepping away from a career in International Business, many years ago, Leigh became a professional Volunteer. This has included Historical Organizations, Genealogical Associations, Church activities, Philanthropic Endeavors, and The Redcoat Alumni Band. Leigh’s volunteering also continued to her local high school, where she was the head of the College Room. This position gave Leigh the opportunity to assist high school students gain admission to the college or university of their choice. Helping them with college applications, SAT, ACT prep scheduling, and references needed for band applications and auditions. Especially loved the time working with those band students!

The NAoAB has a great vision, one that Leigh would like to possibly assist with carrying out. She feels like there is a need to communicate and share experiences among alumni bands. Each of our experiences gleans such welcomed knowledge, both good and bad. All being very helpful as the bands navigate different situations. What a great resource this will be!

As a Region Officer, Leigh sees this position as one of communication and sharing resources. Staying in touch with alumni was one of the main missions stated in the RBAA bylaws. Networking with band family is something Leigh enjoys doing, and that trait would be important to a regional officer. Leigh prioritizes helping these alumni band take their first steps with this national organization.