Erin Kalkwarf photo
Erin Kalkwarf, Western Regional Officer

Erin Kalkwarf graduated from Iowa State University in 2005 and have since been an active member of The Society of the ISU Alumni Band, which was formally organized in 1980. You can find more information about the ISU Alumni Band on our website:

Currently, Erin serves on the ISU Alumni Band executive board as the Immediate Past President after previously serving as President, President-elect, Treasurer and Director-at-large.

Erin is interested in this position with the NAoAB because she would love to help new Alumni Bands get started and help current bands do more. Erin met several NAoAB officers at the 2019 symposium in Seattle and felt energized to improve what they do at ISU. Erin continues to worry that as university and college budgets get cut, Alumni groups might be relied upon more heavily to ensure band programs survive.