Virtual Roundtables

Periodic video conferences offer insight into a growing list of topics important to active or developing alumni bands.  Experts are available to share tips on a variety of topics: bylaws, capital campaigns, scholarships, attracting recent graduates, planning for the unexpected, recruiting leadership, finding reliable vendors.

Mentoring New Alumni Bands

Starting an alumni band? Send us your alumni band contact information and a Regional Officer will start the process and scheduled an appointment to discuss the process. NAoAB includes member organizations from every type of college/university and every level of experience.

Biennial Symposia

In-person Conferences for sharing ideas:
– 2015 University of Washington
– 2018 University of Texas
– 2019 University of Washington
– 2021 University of Cincinnati

Held in conjunction with the College Band Directors National Association athletic band symposium.

New Benefit Offerings For 2021

Virtual Networking Coffees

Starting in February 2021 and held multiple times a month, virtual sessions of interest to specific board members are scheduled to allow like-minded officers and committee members, with the same responsibilities to meet each other and share ideas on the stated topics. Develop peer connections to solve issues, strengthen strategies and anticipate problems.

U.S. Alumni Band Leadership List

This alumni band leadership list offers ways to network with similar organizations and will grow your personal contacts. This collection of officers and leader contacts can help you develop your professional skills and share ideas to make game-changing contributions to your association.

Member Access Online Library

Learn from successful programs offering the fastest path to organizational growth and improvement. Access information and documents gathered by the NAoAB, allowing your alumni organization to plan for growth and expansion.

Download a flyer explaining the benefits to your alumni band organization.