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Q: What’s your membership policy?

Click for AnswerAll college/university athletic alumni band and other alumni marching band organizations.  And, there is no limit to the number of individual participants from each member organization. Select buttons on the Home Page to add your name and your organization’s info.

Q: How can members of my alumni board get an idea of the value of joining the NAoAB?

Click for AnswerThe members of your alumni band Board can register and participate in one webinar before joining. Online registration is simple to complete to have the virtual meeting link sent to your Board participants. After participating in one of our events, we know you will experience the value of our webinars, roundtables, coffees, networking events, and symposia. One of our Regional Officer or Ambassadors will contact you to answer any questions about joining.

Q: What is the password for the Reference Library page?

Click for AnswerYes, the password is provided only to active members of the NAoAB as a reference for member organizations. Check your registration confirmation email for the current password. Or, send us a message by selecting the Contact Us page.

Q: Do you travel to alumni band cities?

Click for AnswerOf course! However, with virtual technology available today, the right people can be brought together to accomplish most goals. If travel is needed, expenses must be picked up by your organization.