Welcome to The National Association of Alumni Bands (NAoAB). On behalf of the alumni band members and our leadership team, we are thrilled for you to be part of this organization. NAoAB is the “Indispensable Advocate and Resource for Alumni Bands” by serving as the flagship association of the highest caliber focused on leadership and learning in the development and betterment of alumni bands. We will support the member alumni band which serves their own alma mater band program. Unity creates strength by utilizing the collective wealth of experience and knowledge each of our members contribute. By doing so, we are developing the tools to better serve our individual organizations. Your participation is part of our success.

I am honored and equally excited to serve as the inaugural president of this association. I served as President of the Longhorn Alumni Band when 535 members and family of LHAB traveled to Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of DDay, and I assisted in the two recent National Alumni Band Symposiums, where this association was formally organized. My sincere gratitude goes to Brad McDavid, Director of Athletic Bands at the University of Washington, for starting the first symposium in 2015 and planting the seed of necessity.

Your Executive Committee is comprised of passionate, dedicated, and energetic individuals who all share the goal of providing an experience unmatched by any other association. The success of NAoAB will be a direct result from our combined contributions and efforts. We are dedicated to being an advocate on the most critical issues you face in your alumni band and will strive to provide leadership, answers and education through great resources and experiences from people who can help.

As with any large volunteer organization, we are only as successful as our members who are engaged and actively volunteer their time and expertise. As a driving force within your own alumni band, we want you to participate and learn from other members by sharing your success stories and experiences which in turn helps everyone in the association. Don’t wait – join NAoB now.

I will occasionally ask, “What are you bringing to the party?” inferring, what are YOU contributing to make your organization successful? My challenge to our members: Be Involved, Be Connected, Be Engaged. Don’t be shy, reach out and ask for our expertise. We are here for you!

Thank you and welcome to The National Association of Alumni Bands.

March Forth,
Geof Sloan, President NAoAB

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