Virtual Networking Events

Topics for Your Board and Committee Members

If you have an active alumni band and looking for ideas to jump to the next level…

What Is Your Challenge?

  • Your alumni band Board has changing priorities every year, causing the need to try new ideas.
  • On a regular basis, your volunteer Board members assume new responsibilities, because promotions and turnover are built into every bylaws structure.

How Can NAoAB Help?

For our Member organizations, we host Networking Coffees where peers that have faced the same issues you face – share the challenges, decisions and outcomes to the priority topics of the session.

How Do You Win?

You can hear about the challenges, decisions and outcomes from your alumni band peers, so you can implement game changing ideas to speed your success.

  • Suggest a topic to be covered in a Networking Event
  • Volunteer your success story to be shared in a Networking Event

Other Options:

Schedule a Consult on a Specific Topic

Contact your Regional Officer via, to request a conference call with another organization that has experience on a specific alumni band topic.

Our Closed Facebook Group

Post a question to other member organizations that can respond with experience on a specific alumni band topic. Click to Start a Conversation.

Watch a recording of our last event

The chat transcript is only available to our members.