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Host: Amber Ryan. Ole Miss Alumni Band

An open discussion on networking with and finding volunteers for your alumni band. There will also be a discussion on working with your KKY/TBS service organizations.

Meeting Chat:

Geof Sloan, President
June 2024 NAoAB – CBDNA Conference at Univ of Montana in Missoula

 Mary Monk-Tutor-Auburn Alumni Band
Email lists.  our university band office maintains a complete contact list; our university Alumni Association maintains a partial list (information for those who request NOT to be a part of this list are not shared with the university)

 Ranelle Maltas

 Geof Sloan, President:
 We’ll open up the gallery shortly for any tips and best practices your band has…  so please be ready if you have comments.

 Kelly Holliday – CUTBA (Clemson)
CUTBA (Clemson) does handwritten thank you cards each month for all donors to CUTBA. We include CUTBA decals and free Wendy’s coupons (one of our former board members owns a Wendy’s and donates them).

 Nikki Csipkes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Band Alumni Assoc.
Acquiring volunteers: we added a field (check box) on the registration form for reunion weekend- super easy! I’ve used the emails from that form when we need a volunteer for something and the response has been fantastic so far!

 Ken Corbett, S Carolina
 Is signupgenuis free or does it cost?

Shirley Cumby – Longhorn Alumni Band
There is a free version but the real functionality is in the paid version.  I can let you know the version we have and the price. We have the “Gold” version at $270/per.  We use it all the time for every event we can think of.  Love it.

 Geof Sloan, President
TIPS:  share social posts, share event photos, create special artwork and thank you cards

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